International Engineering Education Conference - Turkey's Vision 2023 Conference Series - Atılım University


In the 21st century, humanity has started to appreciate the significance of terms such as; global warming, recycling, renewing, sustainability, energy, rapid technological development, rapid social transformation, faster communication, information technologies, taking examples and setting examples. Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, transforming into information societies has gained momentum in developed countries and a new economic structure called ‘the information economy’ has come into existence. In this framework, knowledge, quality and level of education are the criteria for economical status among people, whereas human & social investments become the measures for competitive power among countries. These changes and developments have increased the demand from higher educational institutions and universities due to their primary role in the production, application and sharing of information. The restructuring of universities in order to fulfill these growing expectations with globalization, competition and internationalism in higher education has created the phrase ‘the third generation university’. The course that paves the path to achieving solid ground in global marketing is the ability to transfer science and technology into economic values and competitive power to be achieved from R&D policies. These, in reality, are the key issues in creating development and welfare in a society. Today, the gap in the countries creating information and technology and those with no domestic technology is becoming more significant. The concept of globalization makes such distinction even clearer. These facts and conditions in the near future rapidly change the concept of engineering in the 21st century. The main goal is to seek development and the spread of contemporary engineering education, thus   educating more skilled engineers to fit in the current conditions and taking social welfare a step beyond. In the light of these new terms, it is inevitable for the groups and societies worldwide to transform and create new models for the future. In this shifting, engineers with technical know-how, talent and experience will play a key role. As a consequent, the education program in this field has to be structured and updated for training such specialists to lead social transformation and to meet future expectations. Similar to education in other disciplines, expertise and experience are the key elements in engineering education.
Considering this vision, Atılım University in the Republic of Turkey organized the International Engineering Education Conference, to be held on November 4-6, 2010 in the city of Antalya, in line with Turkey’s vision 2023 conference series which celebrates the 100th anniversary of foundation of Republic of Turkey in 2023. The conference is expected to contribute solutions to the problems stated above, encourage new studies and collaborations, and also to create guidelines for the decision-makers in strategic positions, as well as heads and executives of higher education institutions.