International Engineering Education Conference - Turkey's Vision 2023 Conference Series - Atılım University


Workshop #2

"Workshop on Teaching Global Software Development Courses"

Changes within the software industry are causing universities to offer courses that teach students how to develop software across time and distance.  However, as happens with most new educational endeavors, not everything works; collaborative software is fragile, synchronization of courses among different universities is difficult, and curriculum materials are few.  There is also the problem of managing long-distance courses, which is usually time consuming and difficult. Moreover, students enrolled in global distributed learning courses must be taught how to manage and overcome differences in culture, time zones, university regulations, variations in communication tools and infrastructure; skills that are generally not taught in traditional computer science or information technology classes.

The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for teachers, researchers and industry representatives who are interested in preparing students to work in international teams on large software development projects. As a result of the interactive sessions anticipated for the workshop, we expect to provide a roadmap for educators and industry professionals on how to implement a curriculum for teaching students how to work in global software teams. Thus, the major goal of this workshop is to develop a curriculum that can teach students to work more effectively as members of a globally distributed software team. The workshop will review both the successes and failures in teaching global software courses – i.e., what worked and what didn’t.  The workshop will also attempt to define the particular skills that are necessary to deal with not only the technology, but also the social and cultural issues that confront students who must work on a global software development team.

 The challenges that are associated with teaching a distributed software development course calls for the development of new curriculum, pedagogies, and software tools.

In preparing proposals you are invited to consider: Here are some potential topics; participants are encouraged to expand beyond this list.

  • What are the Industry requirements for skills and competencies in the area of global software development?
  • What curriculum is currently working and how do we know?
  • What are the “lessons learned” about teaching global software development courses?
  • How do you teach non-technical skills to students: interpersonal, written and oral communications; cross-cultural awareness; language skills?
  • What are the collaborative technologies that facilitate global software learning?
  • What type of student projects can work best with this type of curriculum?
  • What are the strategies for introducing and sustaining global software development?
  • What pedagogies support global software learning courses?
    What are some of the research issues involved in the teaching of global software development?
  • How do you form “global teams” for working on student software development projects?
  • Abet outcomes
  • What are some of the empirical approaches that you can use to evaluate global software learning teams?
  • How do you define performance in a global software development project?

Prof.Dr. Kathleen Swigger
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Robert Brazile
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ferda Nur Alpaslan
Assoc.Prof.Dr. George Dafaoulos
Assist.Prof.Dr. Fatma Cemile Serçe
Victor Lopez