International Engineering Education Conference - Turkey's Vision 2023 Conference Series - Atılım University


Workshops will be featured on related topics within the scope of the conference. Prospective organizers are kindly requested to fill in and submit Workshop Proposal Form containing the required information. The proposals should be sent by e-mail to with a subject line reading “Workshop Proposal Submission”.
Important Dates

Workshop Proposal Submission Deadline April 16
Notification of Workshop Acceptance April 30
Workshop Paper Submission Deadline May 21




Accepted Workshops

Workshop #1

Mühendislik Lisans Eğitimi Sonrası Meslek İçi Sürekli Eğitim Örneği MİSEM (In Turkish)

Workshop #2

Teaching Global Software Development Courses

Workshop #3

Understanding and Measuring College Students’ Engineering Self-Efficacy

Workshop #4

İlköğretim Öğrencilerine Matematik, Fen Bilimleri Ve Teknoloji Derslerinin Mühendislik Eğitimi Kullanılarak Öğretilmesi (In Turkish)

Workshop #5

Technology Enhanced Engineering Education Studies

Workshop #6

Recommendations for Engineering Education Innovations

Workshop #7 Closing the Loop: Making Academic Assessment and Accreditation Knowledge Management Practical and Manageable